Old Sparky

Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours ™ presents the

"Cleveland Rocks and Shocks Ghost Tour"

Established in 1999, Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours ™ has been giving the public an exciting look into the fascinating and macabre world surrounding Cleveland's violent history and ghostly affairs with such tours as the Torso Murder Tour and Burning River Ghost Tour.

Now in its 14th season, Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours ™ is proud to present it's new tour for 2012: Cleveland Rocks and Shocks Ghost Tour! Come join our eccentric and exciting hostess Beth on an exciting 4-hour journey combining Cleveland’s most famous ghost stories and its deep roots into the music of Rock 'n Roll.

Come along as we visit the Cleveland Police Museum to see Ohio’s most famous electric chair, "Old Sparky" where 312 men, women and children met their demise! Guests will also have the chance to visit the museum's gift shop to purchase merchandise and memorabilia.

Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Explore the underground tunnels in our downtown Soldiers and Sailors Monument, venture into a building once operated by one of Cleveland’s most notorious mafia families, see Ohio’s most famous haunted castle and hear their stories of murder, mayhem, and unexplained ghosts sightings witnessed by countless innocent bystanders that have made them believers of the supernatural.

Franklin Castle

Guests will learn about who made Cleveland the Rock 'n Roll capital of the world, hear the tragic story of how this legendary man’s life was cut short, and learn about his surprising resting place. You'll also get to listen and be entertained by the top rock songs influenced by spirits from beyond the grave.

Agora Theatre

This spooky journey also includes a fun lesson into the ancient methods of ghost hunting. Do you dare explore with your own talents to see what supernatural events might occur? Hear stories of why some guests are so afraid, they refuse to come back...will you be one of those unlucky few?

This tour is scheduled for September 28, October 5, 12, 19, 25, 26 and November 2, 2012. It departs from the Powerhouse located on the west bank of the Flats, 2000 Sycamore Street, Cleveland, Ohio promptly at 6:00 pm and concludes at approximately 9:45 pm. The price of this tour is $50.00 a seat. To purchase your seats proceed to the Schedule Page .

Please dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes. The ghost tour goes on rain or shine and on nights of the full moon. Bring your camera or video equipment and try capturing a ghost on film!

Join the fun! Face your fear, daring the dead to make an appearance, but be careful what you wish for...